View Full Version : Remote starting - is it possible on our local Prado 120's?

24-08-2006, 09:10 AM
Just spotted this US device to remote start the car and have the AC cool down the interior - anyone had any local experience with such a device?

http://www.luxurymotorworks.com/luxlink ... _start.php (http://www.luxurymotorworks.com/luxlink_remote_start.php)

LuxLink Remote Start is a great feature to add to any vehicle! Put an end to a freezing seat or an exhaustingly hot interior by starting your car BEFORE you get in it. LuxLink works with the factory remote key where most other remote starters require the use of an additional remote control.

How It Works: Simply press the "lock" button three times to remotely start the vehicle.

Features: * Uses your FACTORY Remote!
* Don't get burned by a hot seat! Remote Start to pre-cool your vehicle!
* Automatic 15 minute cut-off while remote operation.
* Safety feature prevents vehicle from being driven unless key is in the ignition.
* While in remote operation, steering wheel remains locked for security.
* Designed for automatic transmission vehicles, not available for manual transmission.
* 4 Year Warranty (from original Date of Purchase)

Seems like a great idea - I wonder how much $$ it would cost and would it work with our local vehicles?

25-08-2006, 09:40 PM