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15-03-2007, 11:10 PM
Hello Again

Have completed my dual battery installation using a redarc unit. Thanks again to Drew for your post :D .
Ran a cable to the rear left side compartment and ordered a Alzone fuse box (nice neat looking unit) to complete power to fridge etc thanks to Aaron's post :D .
Have to say that posts with "how i did it" pictures/hints are GREAT for newbies like me :shock: .

Next job is connecting second battery to my campers battery. Have ran the cable to rear of car and read Anderson plugs are used to connect between car and trailer. Looked at pictures of the anderson plug but have to confess i cant work out how they work.

Sorry but is there a male and female Anderson plug? Anyone have such a connection that could post a picture at the car / trailer junction?

Thanks in advance.....

Prado now has Brake controller, dual battery, and engel 40ltr fridge to complement bushranger camper. This is one hell of an expensive hobby.


16-03-2007, 08:29 AM
This is one hell of an expensive hobby.

Absofrigginlutely! :wink: The costs sure do add up, but if it's done right it results in a vehicle that your happy with and meets you and your family's needs. That's what I love about doing this sort of stuff - getting it set up just how I like it.

BTW, "expensive hobby"? Try flying - now that's an expensive hobby! :roll:

Glad you are finding some of the posts here helpful, that's the whole idea - to help others out.

Now, Anderson plugs. The large ones are unique in that they are polarised (can't be connected incorrectly) but they are also universal, by that I mean that there is no male or female.

They employ a blade type of a contact that slides over the identical blade in the other connector. I'm trying to think of an analogy, but nothing's coming to mind.

Suffice to say there is no "male" or "female".

Hope this explains it somewhat and hasn't clouded the issue further for you. :lol:



16-03-2007, 08:59 AM
I must have a little one... cause mine definetely has a male and female plug. The female bit is mounted on the bracket of the flat 7pin trailer socket. Not at home so can't add piccies at the moment.

16-03-2007, 05:05 PM
Suffice to say there is no "male" or "female".

That would make them Hermaphrodites wouldn't it, Drew? :lol:

I've got a pair of 50A ones Stephen, and they're not polarised. You just need to be sure you wire them correctly when you assemble them!

18-03-2007, 01:54 AM
Stephen61 i'm about to install dual bat. also,was thinking of using an 80 series (accessories) fuse box mount that in the rear behind panel and runing 3 circuits off it. 1 for 2 engel plugs( Have 40 and 60 lt fridges for holidays) 1 for lead light and general 12v stuff and the last circuit for compressor, this worked well in my Patrol.
Those plugs you are talking about should come with diagram.
Cheers Phil.

18-03-2007, 08:19 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone :D

Well will just grab the plugs and give them a try tomorrow. Sounds like i cant go wrong.

Off to the Murray for a bit of R & R next weekend for 4 days so it will test the dual battery system out and give both prado and camper a decent run.

regards stephen

18-03-2007, 10:10 PM
Good luck Stephen,

Let us know how you get on.