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28-08-2008, 10:36 PM
I am about to transfer the stuff I took out of my 80series into the Prado. A few questions:1] driving lights- the wiring to and from the headlight to dash switch can be a small one because it is only triggering the driving lights' relay???
2] what size wire to use for a power point for a 40 litre Engel allowing for a bit extra???
3]does that power point need an earth to the body [worked like that in the 80] or
4] does it need an earth wire back to the battery and if so what size
5] should the fridge be earthed to the body or the battery and if so what size wire?? It worked ok in the 80 just onto the body.
6] Since I will be buggering around sending fridge and trailer brake wires to the back I may as well put in wiring to charge a second battery in the trailer via a suitable plug. What size wire-is it the huge stuff finger thick or something else? Thanks

29-08-2008, 04:36 AM
let the fun begin.
i started small and ended up with alot of stuff i wired in.
to answer your questions,
1. 3mm wire for the trigger is ok. i always use 4mm wire for everything small.
2.3.4. 6mm twin for your fridge draw wire to battery, or just to positive and a good earth point.
5. the fridge doesn't need to be earthed, just your wiring (positive and negative).
6. for this i would say run 6mm or 6B&S or 8B&S.
just make sure you fit a fuse in the fridge positive wire near battery,
and a circuit breaker on the trailer battery supply cable near battery.