View Full Version : Tough Dog springs.... Rear 90 series

18-09-2011, 11:19 AM
ITEM: TDC973 springs x 2
REASON FOR SELLING: Went for the heavy duty springs instead or these.
PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $150.00 (TD dealer price is $240.00)
EXTRA INFO: See below
PICTURES: See below.

Hi all,

I am selling a pair of Tough Dog rear springs TDC973 for my brother.

They were installed on his 95 series Prado, but were immediately removed and HD springs fitted.

The springs are new and would suit someone wanting a 50mm lift, that carries up to 300kg load.

Pic below is a generic one. I'll post a pic of the actual springs asap. (when he sends me the photo.)

Pickup Windsor NSW area (my freinds mechanical workshop), or can post at cost.

Fitting available by mechanic, at extra cost.

These springs on going on eBay in the next week or so if no one here needs them.

PM me if you are interested.