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03-01-2012, 02:01 PM
Hey guys,

I'm selling my 2 nitro trucks as I just don't have the time to use them.
They've been sitting around doing nothing for 2 years now so it's time for them to go

First one:

CEN Genesis 4WD Truck (1/8 scale I think)
- "Big Block" .46 Nitro Engine - 1HP off memory - huge power
- 2 speed auto gearbox + reverse
- approx 60cm long, 45cm wide and 35cm high
- great suspension set up
- powerful enough to pull wheelstands
- paid $1000 for originally
- barely run in
- great conditions, hardly even a scratch on it

Other info:
RotoStart fitted but portable motor doesn't work - all you need to do is put the shaft in a cordless drill and will start it. Will need new batteries, fuel tank drained and a clean/tune to get her running as she's been sitting idle for 2 years. Comes with remote control (pistol type as shown in photo)

Second One:

4WD Buggy (1/10 scale I think)
- .21 Nitro Engine
- decent condition
- Only had about 3L of fuel go through it

Other info:
Don't remember a heap about this one as I threw out the box and manual but it used to run great. Was pretty fast compared to others I've seen and hasn't missed a beat. As with the CEN it's been sitting around for 2 years so will need batteries, its fuel drained and a good clean/tune to get it going right again. The shell on this one is cracked and cut up a bit and there's a fair few scratches on the underside of the chassis but no damage affecting how it works. Comes with remote

Conditions for both:
These will both need some attention to get them back to 100% but I can guarantee once it's done they'll serve you well. Would much prefer to sell to someone who knows what they're doing with them as I can't start them for you.
Pickup ONLY in Melb.
Will sell with the pictured accessories ONLY if both trucks are purchased by the same bidder, otherwise they'll be split up depending on which truck they came with.


CEN Genesis: $400ono

4WD Buggy: $200ono

Any questions or requests for more photos welcome





03-01-2012, 02:02 PM
Remotes (buggy on left, genesis on right):