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  1. Suspension Compresser reset.

    Hi all 1st time poster
    I have the same air bag issue as everyone else. Car riding on bump stops.
    Dropped off at opposite lock for inspection and they say the compressor is not working.
    Vehicle Details. 2008 Toyota Prado 120 Grande 3lt diesel.
    Airbag suspension in rear not inflating.
    Vehicle riding on bump stops.
    Inspection carried out, factory airbags not inflating and are in poor condition.
    (No error codes in ECU), unable to activate auto compressor. ...
  2. strange feeling

    Hi fellow Prado drivers, My current car a 2007 Prado diesel D4D. First diesel i have owned in 50 years. I love driving it. However it feels like the transmission is grinding when speeding up, Also it has a very queer rumble feeling when you sit on 60 klmh, My automatic man say the trans is fine. Both front wheel bearing are less than 6 months old. It is driving me crazy { no pun intended }. Would love some feed back on what to look for.
    Thanks in advance to all who take the time to read. ...
  3. rear rotors stuck on 150 series

    Cant remove rear rotors. I think maybe the handbrake drum pads are preventing rotor from coming off.
    Have released handbrake any thoughts?
  4. Bouncy suspension

    Purchased a 2010 Kakadu from the dealership a couple of months ago and have been having issues with the rear suspension. Every time I drive the rear bounces like crazy, everyone can feel it in the car no matter where you sit.
    They replaced the air bag suspension in it which made no difference. Had some friends look at it and they said it's definitely the rear suspension. It feels like I am sitting on a trampoline while driving and someone is jumping on it.

    Any thoughts or ...
  5. Mounting air compressor

    Hey All
    I am thinking hard wiring my air compressor and permanently mounting it in the underside of the bull bar to the side of the were the whinch maybe located. Its a aluminium bullbar that appears to have plenty of room.
    Do you think this can work? Does anyone think that the vibration which crack/spilt the aluminium?
    With my duel batteries I do not think I have enough room inside the engine bay.
    I have a 2008 GX diesel.
    Or alternative to this idea, would be ...

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