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  1. Mounting air compressor

    Hey All
    I am thinking hard wiring my air compressor and permanently mounting it in the underside of the bull bar to the side of the were the which maybe located. Its a aluminium bullbar that appears to have plenty of room.
    Do you think this can work? Does anyone think that the vibration which crack/spilt the aluminium?
    With my duel batteries I do not think I have enough room inside the engine bay.
    I have a 2008 GX diesel.
    Or alternative to this idea, would be ...
  2. Engine air filter

    I am looking for a part number for an air filter to suit

    Prado 150 2017 model GDJ150R-GKTEYQ

    engine Number 1GD8159553
  3. 90-95 Series front recovery points

    Hi 8-)

    New to the forum, Just wondering if anyone has come across after market 95 Series front recovery points. Our Prado has two points and the drivers side has a hook as well.
  4. Prado 150 headlights

    No warning beep when the lights are left on. Anyone else experienced this problem?
  5. ECU re-map/re- chip for 120?

    Quote Originally Posted by NingNong View Post
    G'Day. I'm a rookie here, and not sure if this is the correct place for this comment, but here goes anyway. I have a 2003 Prado KZJ120R TurboDiesel (purchased second hand last year 180k Km ). I require more grunt and better economy (getting a constant 13l/100km open road, not towing) , so put on a 3in exhaust and an Ozbush manual mapper. Fuel consumption dropped by 0.4 l/100 on the open road with Ozbush mapper set at -10. I then had a dyno test to find 63 Kw at wheels Ozbush off, and 65Kw with Ozbush
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