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Thread: Introductions

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    Mar 2006
    Gold Coast, QLD

    Currently I'm 4by-less, but used to own a '98 Nissan Pathfinder, and had heaps of fun with it. I'm currently looking at buying a preloved Prado as the next step up, as there's heaps more toys that you can fit to it 8)

    Wishlist: A Prado :lol: CHECK :!: 120 GXL V6 sitting in the garage now 8)
    2003 GXL V6
    Safari snorkel

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    Mar 2006
    Hi all
    Just got a GXL late 2005 auto and will do things to it as finances allow :?
    Only thing so far is HID headlight kit

    December 2007 Prado GXL diesel, Option Pack with traction control, rear airconditioning and curtain airbags. Lovells Springs and Bilstiens shocks, snorkel, front recovery points,
    ARB Bar with fog lights, ARB second battery system, sandgrabber mats, Pirelli ATR Tyres,

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    Apr 2006
    Toronto Canada
    Model: GXL Manual Diesel
    Year: 2003
    Colour: Gold Shimmer (AKA Grandma Gold)
    * Cooper ATR's
    * Tinting
    * UHF (went for a hand held one with a battery eliminator, mounted a bracket in the passenger side that it clips to.)
    * Phillips headlight bulbs
    * Genuine Tow bar
    * Navman icn510 GPS
    * Reversing Sensors - $40 from supercheap.

    pretty extensive list... bring on lotto.
    * Bull Bar, undecided between ARB or Toyota genuine.. know which one is better, but still like the look of the genuine.. that and i don't want to fork out for fog lights when i have them already
    * Winch
    * Spotties
    * Snorkle
    * Diff lock
    * Lift around 50mm
    * Roof Racks (but only if they are the magical kind that don't deter fuel economy)
    * Geniune Spare Hard wheel cover that doesn't cost $500.
    * Reversing Camera
    * New headunit and all the speakers and subs that ensue.
    * a sixth gear. 5 screams too much on the highway...

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    Giday all.

    2003 Grande
    Crystal Pearl (or something like that)
    No mods yet, and I dont think that will happen until I finish the extension at home.

    After that:
    Bull Bar
    Mud Tyres

    Last few vehicles have been Patrols and a Jeep, with a L300 4WD Van thrown in for good measure.
    The Ingo Family Adventures

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    2004 GXL T/D manual
    electronic rust proofing
    uhf radios (can't hear the child that sits in the back!!)
    Cooper ATR's
    Rod holders

    Looking forward to bilstein shocks, a better compressor than the unreliable unit i have at the moment. Don't need much more to enjoy the beach driving.

    Hey wengnuts,

    where did you get the recovery hooks from? i've just bought a coromal camper trailer and looking forward to going over to Moreton Is. but don't wish to get stuck on Middle Road.

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    Jul 2006
    Melbourne, VIC
    Hi All, Good to have a 'Prado' specific forum. Have read heaps of valuable info already incl getting my electric windows operating.

    We just bought our petrol GXL and are getting used to it. Coming from a Subaru Outback, it's a barge and a step down in creature comforts (couldn't afford a TX or Grande) but will tow our camper (ordered, but not made yet) much easier than the Subi. We swapped over in anticipation of a trip around the countryside next year, giving us time to sort out any bugs and get any required accessories installed.

    Cheers, Nige

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    Jul 2006
    Western Sydney

    Great to find a local site to share experiences and info,

    I live in Western Sydney and have had the Prado for just over 2 years since new and found this site while browsing for info on LPG conversions.

    Model: Prado Grande V6 4L Petrol
    Year: 2004
    Colour: Champagne
    Accessories: None at this stage
    Wishlist: Dual Fuel LPG system based on other owners feedback and experiences.


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    Hi All,

    I've been lurking for a while, but I finally got around to creating a logon.
    I'm from Cherrybrook (NW Sydney), NSW.

    Model: GXL V6 5sp Auto
    Year: 2005
    Colour: Silver

    Accessories: ARB Deluxe Bar (w/integrated recovery points), Safari Snorkel, Toyota Tow Bar and Cargo Barrier, Cargo Area rubber mat, ATS 2" lift kit (Bilstein shocks/King Springs), Extended Diff Breathers, Rhino Rack sports bars, GME UHF TX3400, Cooper ATR's, IPF 900XS driving lights.

    Wish list/To Do's: Bluetooth Car kit, Off Road Trailer, Warn winch, Dual Batteries, upgrade power socket wiring and fit Merit Plugs, find a place to mount a fire extinguisher, Engel 40l, HF Radio, go far enough from civilisation to justify an HF radio.

    Thanks for a great forum so far - I look forward to swapping tips and experiences in the future.

    2005 GXL - V6 5sp Auto, Black Widow Drawers and Shelf, Safari Snorkel, ATS 50mm lift kit (Bilstein Shocks/RidePro Springs), ARB Winch Bar w/recovery hooks, IPF 900XS Spotlights, IPF Fatboys, Rhino Rack Sports Bars, Cooper ATR's, Kenwood DDX 7039 iPod/Video/DVD/Radio/Bluetooth, GME UHF CB's TX3400 + TX630 Handheld, Extended Diff Breathers, Dual Batts, Engel 40 litre

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    Jul 2006
    Gday all..

    Good little forum going here...

    Green 1999 GXL 3400

    ARB Winch Bar.......waiting on the winch
    OME Suspension
    IPF 900SX Lights
    Safari Snorkel
    Navman 520


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    Lurker 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    Bandoenk, Indonesia
    Model: TX Limited (Japan Domestic Model)


    Colour:Black Metallic

    Accessories:Full Audio Dyn Audio,BRAX,RockFord,ALPINE, 20" Lenso Titan Rims with Pirelli Scorpion ATR 275/55 R20, 9000K XENON H.I.D.

    Wishlist:Bull bar (ARB or Original Toyota one). Rear Bar (custom ) Suspension Modification for On Road Performance.

    I set up my Prado to look like and off road ride
    but actually i never off road my self :P
    but cause the road on my country is really sucks! so when i say on road is actually semi-off road :P
    hehehe :P
    Metallic Black 2006 TX Limited (JDM)
    275/55/R20 Pirelli Scorpion ATR on 20" EXE Pegassus Rims
    Full Alpine Multimedia HU + Brax GE Amps + DynAudio Speakers
    XENON H.I.D. 9500k Hi/Lo

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    Oct 2006
    Port Macquarie
    Hi all my prado is

    1996 vx grande green auto

    Accessories: winch bar,2" lift king springs tough dog shocks, cooper st 265/75/16, 60ltr waeco fridge, custom rear draws with fridge slide, dual batteries, lightforce 240, tx4400 uhf,

    To do: snorkel, winch, roof racks,

    Location: Sydney's west

    1996 prado grande v6 2" lift, cooper st, uhf,lightforce 240 & IPF 900, 60ltr waeco, custom rear draws, dual batteries,dvd player, tom tom one.

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    Oct 2006
    Everton Park, QLD
    Hey guys this is my first post on the forum. I'll be buying my parents Prado in about a week as they are moving back to Canada. I'm really looking forward to this and have plenty of little jobs I want to do.

    Anyways it's a late 2000 3.0 Turbo Diesel Auto GXL

    It currently has 2" lift (king springs) with Bilstein Shockies,
    -TJM aluminium bullbar,
    -275/70r16 BFG AT.
    -Rear fold down table (Homemade)
    -FridgeMate 55L Fridge freezer
    -Dual battery (homemade job with a heavy duty switch)

    Soon to come
    -UHF and CD player to be mounted in the Dash
    -Building a drawer system

    Wish list
    -Arb front and rear locker
    -Mud terrains
    -Dtronic chip

    I had mental issues when I owned a Discovery.......But it's sorted now!

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