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    Dec 2014
    Burpengary Queensland
    2002 GLX 90series diesel manual - from new to 370,000km

    either head gasket blown or cracked cylinder head just before christmas no other problems.

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    Jan 2011
    Adelaide, SA
    2005 GXL Manual diesel.
    475,000 Kms and still going strong.
    Changed over clutch at 410,000kms
    2005 GXL Diesel Manual, Mickey Thompson ATZ's, Pioneer head unit, Pioneer 4way amp, Pioneer sub amp, Pioneer TS-D1720C Separate 2-Way Speaker Systems front and rear, Bazooka 12" Subwoofer

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    Jun 2007
    Heathridge WA
    2004 GXL 120 Series V6 Petrol Auto
    Just clocked 200,200... Missed the 200K ODO pic by 3 kms
    No major issues (Touching Wood now)
    David (AKA Grumps)
    Trying to get away as much as we can with the 2003 GLX 120 Series Prado towing the Jayco Expanda or 5.3 Stacer Seamaster/Merc 90HP.
    The Prado build up is in process

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    Just ticked over 270,000kms on my KZJ95R
    Replaced the Turbo 12 months ago after it let go in spectacular fashion, but the Prado has been bulletproof besides that.
    Has the most anal logbook ever, being serviced every 5,000kms or 3 months pretty well on the dot since day 1

    Regards, Jason.

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    Nov 2014
    Baulkham Hills

    How many Ks on your Prado?

    I have a 120 series, 2008 prado, GXL with
    140,000 kms. Bought it with 136,000 but the car still feels like new!

    How many ks does yours have?

    Who has the highest Ks here and still going strong?!

    Just curious

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    Jul 2012
    Coffs Harbour
    120 1KZ 2004 GXL. just passed the 300,000km

    hopefully not even half way

    My mate had 700,000km on his toyota lexcen sedan, so you would think a Prado could do better ? :P
    Follow The Zuttas OZ ADVENTURE on FB...

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    My petrol 2004 prado has done 292 000, bought it in 2009 when it had done 168 000. I have seen some petrol 120's on CarSales which have done over 450 000, I am hoping mine does 500 000....anyone know of the highest k's for a 120 petrol?
    2004 Petrol just over 200 000k's and no mods yet
    Perth WA

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    Sep 2013
    Australia, Melbourne
    Mine 2007 KD120 just clocked 150 000 yesterday, time for timing belt change

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    Apr 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    Just clicked over 182 still going like a dream but am currently selling the old girl to update. Another petrol for me.. Loooove that V6 engine unless I get the Y62 TiL patrol I'm waiting on (2nd hand) if that doesn't work out it's a 150 V6
    Face lift 150 Prado V6 auto. No mods yet

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    Jan 2016
    The 2004 GXL petrol 120 is on about 210k, only bought it in February this year with 200k but very happy with it so far. The old 1997 GXL petrol is at 425k. Bought that in 2009 with about 285k on the clock and has been very reliable unit. Regular servicing by me and occasionally send it to a mechanic for a better look over.

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    Wyndham, Vic
    Ive 1996 90 series that I bought new, just done 304400 k's hasnt missed a beat.

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    2008 gxl V6 purchased at 170,000kms in 2015 now has 189,000kms many years in this 120 prado to come

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