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    timing belt warning light

    if a timing belt is in need of changing, does the warning light remain illuminated all the time or does it light up when the ignition is switched on and go out once the engine is started?

    i test drove a prado and the light lit up when i turned the key but then went out once started.


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    All the lights should come on when first started.... its a way of knowing your warning lights are working

    If you never knew a light was blown you'd never get a warning when the oil was low etc
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    How does the system sense the timing belt is in need of change? Does it just read the odometer?

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    The 'timing belt warning light' comes on when the timing belt is due for a change as you approach the scheduled service interval.

    The computer gets the odometer reading and flags the 'timing belt' for changing.

    As part of the service where the timing belt is changed, the Toyota service staff reset the warning light via computer.

    If you changed the timing belt earlier than when it's due they can set a new odometer reading trigger for the timing belt that doesn't match the service books.
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    Re: timing belt warning light

    changed my T-belt this arvo, so i thought i'd share this info, as i had a quick look and only came up with this topic and not much info on how to clear the light.
    the actual time taken to replace the 1KZ timing belt was around 30-40mins, including replacing the idler (they rarely last 2 sessions).
    once the belt is done and everything is back together and you have no parts left over,
    you need to reset the light (150000km intervals when using Toyota genuine belts).
    this is what i found on another forum (took 1-2mins to do).

    a) With ignition turned ON, using the trip switch (select/reset button) change the display to ODO, and turn the ignition OFF
    b) While pressing the trip switch, turn the ignition switch ON and hold it for 5 seconds.
    c) Release the trip switch, then press the switch again within 5 seconds.
    d) The digital display should change to T-belt mode. The initial display "15" (0,000km) is displayed (ie. 150,000km).

    While in the T-Belt mode, each press of the trip switch will change the displayed value by 10,000km increments. Once " 20 " (200,000km) is reached the display reverts back to " 1 " (10,000km) again. Remember, this setting is the number of kilometres to be travelled before the light comes on next, and once reset this counter will start from zero.
    I believe the timing belt interval for all the 100 series engine variants is 150,000km, but this should be checked against each different markets servicing recommendation. This being the case, you shouldn't need to change from the default setting of "15".
    Obviously for the US, the ODO is in miles, and I guess the T-Belt warning would be set in 10,000 mile intervals.

    a) After setting the replacement setting value, hold the trip switch ON for more than 5 seconds then release the switch.
    b) Check that the display has now changed back to ODO and that the warning light has gone off when the engine is started.
    NOTE: If the T-Belt mode is completed, even though the belt replacement has not been performed, the T-Belt warning IS reset.

    it is not as hard as it first looks, and this is for the 120 series

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    Re: timing belt warning light

    ok, have had some questions asking how to do this (changing t-belt).

    don't attempt this if you are handy with cars or tools, or just not confident.
    it'll be cheaper for you, to have it done at a shop, rather than break something or not have it start.

    step 1; remove t-belt cover (4x10mm bolts and 2 spring clips).
    step 2; with keys out of ignition, rotate crankshaft clockwise (looking at front of motor) so the timing notch on crank pulley and needle line up.
    this should line up the camshaft pulley (has a dot ground into it at front) with a moulded line (12 o'clock position).
    if not rotate engine crankshaft another 360' and it will.
    check injection pump pulley at the 3 o'clock position. you will find another 2 marks (1 on pulley and 1 in housing/casing).
    don't attempt to remove or adjust anything until all these marks are aligned.
    step 3; using a bottle of liquid paper, mark the timing marks and the exact location of the belt.
    step 4; using a long prybar (don't mark/damage any pulleys) apply slow pressure to the idler pulley, and it will slowly reduce belt tension.
    using a hardened nail (i have the correct tool/pin) insert it into the hole (right through) on the top of the hydraulic tension.
    you can now remove prybar and remove the old belt (be careful not to move any pulleys).
    step 5; transfer the painted marks onto new belt (some belt may already have these marks, but just check they line up). replace the tension pulley.
    step 6; fit the new belt with the marks to the correct position on the pulley.
    step 7; use the prybar the depress the tension and remove the tool/nail and allow tension to slowly apply tension to belt.
    step 8; check that the belt and pulley marks line up still.
    step 9; refit timing cover and have a few drinks.
    step 10; apply the replacement timing belt sticker on timing cover with the relivant details (date and km's).
    step 11; reset the "timing belt" light as previous post (took me less than 2mins), and have another drink

    i didn't take any pics so hope the descriptions are clear enough.
    (i know some people will have a problem with no pics, i think it's because he can't read but he hasn't been on of late)

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    Re: timing belt warning light

    Brilliant description. Took me 20 minutes to find the post, read through and understand, then 15 seconds (literally) to reset it.

    My mechanic said he will have to find out how to do it, but I think it is easier sometimes when I do things myself (i suspect he may resort to pulling the globe!).

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    Hi All, I'm a long time lurker but I thought it was bout time that I did my first post.

    My 2004 TD Prado ticked over 150,000 km, and after reading the instructions on this thread I thought I'd have a go at changing the timing belt myself. Popped the hood, removed the belt cover, made sure that all the correct timing marks were aligned, and then got stuck into it. Only problem I came up against was after compressing the hydraulic tensioner with a pry bar I could not inserted a pin to keep it compressed as the holes in the external body and the plunger shaft did not line up. Easy work around, just unbolt the hydraulic tensioner, align the shaft and outer body, and compress using a using a G-clamp instead. In hindsight, this for me was much quicker and easier then trying to compress it whilst it was still bolted to the front of the engine.

    The new timing belt (genuine Toyota) came pre-marked to assist with setting the correct alignment on the cam and pump pulleys. I also replaced the timing belt idler pulley assembly. On inspection the bearing in the original idler pulley was showing signs of wear and in my opinion would not of made it another 150,000 km to the next belt change.

    Following the fitment of the new belt and idler pulley, I refit the hydraulic tensioner, removed the pin (made sure it was applying tension) and checked that the crank, cam and pump pulleys were still aligned correctly. Turned the motor over by hand and rechecked that all timing marks were still aligned.

    Started the engine, cheered to myself that it all worked and there was no metal meeting metal noises, then shut it down and refitted the belt cover.

    Reset the dash warning light as described in the thread, and then went in search of a self congratulatory beer

    Many thanks to Damonat, for the excellent info on both the timing belt change and dash light reset. If we ever cross paths it will be my shout for several beverages.

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    And how much would it have cost you to have it done through Toyota??? Probably heaps!
    Sounds like a pretty easy DIY job.
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    pretty cheap i did mine the belt only cost $70 genuine toyota

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    Hi All
    I'm another lurker who thought it was time to share.
    Ive just replaced the t-belt on my 90 series at 150k. Also replaced the cam shaft seal, vac pump seal,idler pulley and tensioner. About $200 for parts and took about 2 1/2 hrs with help from a mechanic mate.
    In regards to the t-belt light, we made the mistake of trying to do it without refering here first. We used his timing belt book which only told us how to reset the light on a Hilux with the 1KZ engine. After spending a 1/2 hour pulling the dash apart to get to the back of the instrument cluster we scratched our heads for a while then came here for the right advise. Fortunately the dash goes in easier than it comes out.
    The above method for reseting the t-belt light works for the 90 series and really does take less than 1 min.
    The moral is to always check here first. Somebody has always done it before and learnt the hard way.

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    Smile Timing Belt Light

    Does anyone know how to remove the timing belt light display on the dash once the belt has been replaced? The manual of what i can see doesnt cover off on it?

    Cheers Kane:

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