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    Old thread but rates high on a google search, so relevant replying here I think. Thanks for the info, I had the same set of lights come up and only realised the battery wasn't charging when the car died. Not far from home, I was able to pull the battery, take it home, recharge it, then I was able to get the vehicle back home. I noted the telltale voltage drop on a multimeter after starting the vehicle. I'm going to try my own repair on this unit as it isn't the main driver, I'll report back on my findings.

    I don't know the correlation, but I sat through Marcia in Yeppoon and after losing power I used a little 150w inverter to charge phones and drive the solar hot water pump. I periodically took the vehicle for a drive to charge it back up, and on the second day or so I think, I got the dash lights. So... I don't really know the cause, whether having the inverter on when I started the car caused some kind of back surge or if the very low battery charge overloaded the alternator, or if it was just some big coincidence that something was ready to go anyway. Also, I have a DTDAuto diagnostic unit which is capable of picking up OBD1 fault codes, it came back with no reported faults, so it seems it's only reported on the dash lights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigs prado View Post
    i managed to get about 2 hours out of my battery and so did my mate with the same car and problem. bought the second hand alternator for 100 bucks. turns out i had no bushes left in my alternator. now getting it fixed. all good
    Thanks for this old post I was able to keep driving back from to Melbourne when the warning light light up.

    Turning off stereo, AC, headlight, etc. I was able to drive 250km+ over 5 hrs (bad traffic coming into melbourne). And when I got home I was still able to start the car!

    My prado is 21 yrs old / 330K+ kms. Bought the brush from ebay ($25). It says for Landcruiser 80 series but apparently it's the same.

    I took out the alternator and removed the rear cover screw:

    You can see how much worn the 21yrs old brushes are!!

    I wrote it all here:

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