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Thread: Free Camping

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    Free Camping

    Oops there he goes. Hey do you know Nick Hoar?
    He's a mechanic up there. Had his own shop last time I was there. I went to school with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushbasher View Post
    I'll see if I can find him.
    Broome shire contracted a company to do a big research project into the tourism woes that have be-fallen this town. When it was recently tabled at committee meeting somebody pointed out a few interesting facts: tourists coming here for the surf have reduced from 7000 per year down to zero. Tourist numbers have also almost reached zero for those coming to dive on the coral reefs. Casino punters have also dropped off markedly as have those coming here to enjoy the theme parks. Sadly (or not) we don't have any SURF, NO CORAL REEFS, NO CASINOS and NO friggin THEME PARKS.
    Well no wonder tourist numbers have dropped off.

    I hear the output from the local soap mine has also dropped.

    Are there any stats in that report on Broomes ski resort?

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