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    Quote Originally Posted by hammertime View Post
    Amayama are saying $226usd for one injector . Mine were $200 for all 6.
    Before you spend more money explain your symptoms to me and what you have changed.

    Have done everything you've listed in post #76 except the coil packs. Symptoms as described earlier in this thread, typical rumble/drone/slight vibration around 1200rpm up an incline at 50-60km/h.

    Still surprised about the injectors, if their flow rates and pattern are in spec I can't see why they wouldn't perform properly.

    Are you sure yours are genuine OEM injectors, all good if they are, just blown away at the ridiculous prices Amayama and Toyota want for them!


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    Mine was more of a misfire. Would only do it when the auto changed into overdrive (mine goes into overdrive at around 65kmph) then i put my foot down a bit and got the misfire wobble .

    Definitely worse when cold if i tried when cold it was quite a violent misfire.

    You're right about your injectors. i mean if the job was done properly you would think that if flow is proven and pattern is proven then they should be fine but im not sure.

    At first i thought my injectors were leaking too much fuel but after pulling them out i could tell it was most likely a lean misfire from blockage.

    My injectors look identical to stock with the brand name on them. "ARRAM". They could be a copy but they work great for me.
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