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    Nuvi 1450 - can you save tracks on it?

    I've never used a GPS navigator system in the car before (other than a hiking GPS - Garmin Etrex Legend). So I recently bought a Garmin Nuvi 1450 mainly for when I'm in the city once or twice a year, & it's very good for that purpose. But recently I went fishing on the Barcoo river (about 60km off the highway) and noticed that the Nuvi had saved a track (blue line on the screen) all the way to where we were camped. I saved the campsite no worries, but can't find a way to save and name the tracklog for future reference which I thought would be handy for back-tracking, like I can on my Etrex Legend.

    No user manual came with it other than a quick startup guide and built in help menu which doesn't mention saving tracks, although it tells you how to make and save routes by entering specific addresses.
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    Re: Nuvi 1450 - can you save tracks on it?

    Hi km4,

    I'm making the assumption that all Nuvis work the same in this regard...

    You will need to upload the track log to your computer. If you don't, then eventually, the old track logs get overwritten. You will also need to be running Garmin's Mapsource software on your PC to upload the track log. The Mapsource software can be downloaded from Garmin's website, though you may also need to install their training agent, to obtain a license to use it. I suggest you install Mapsource and if it complains about licensing, then locate their training agent. I have a pointer somewhere if you have trouble.

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    Re: Nuvi 1450 - can you save tracks on it?

    I followed the instructions here to get mapsource installed .. ... php?t=2800

    I have a Nuvi 250 which does not do routes but can use mapsource to create waypoints and send them to the GPS. If you dont already have any extra mapping installed on the GPS I would suggest trying shonkymaps (, for a free product they really are good. OzTopo has more detail of smaller tracks but is not free.
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