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Thread: BullBar weight?

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    BullBar weight?

    I'm interested in comparing bullbars for my 120 series, and as well as appearance, I've very interested in keeping the weight hanging ahead of the front wheels to a minimum.

    I believe the ARB deluxe bar weighs about 70kg...(yikes!)

    What about other brands? Are there any published figures?

    Also, has anyone ever weighed the standard bumper bar (plus all the steel bracing behind it) to see what weight gets removed before adding an aftermarket bar?

    I know people might respond by saying - well the Prado already weight 2.1 Tonnes (manual V6) so what are you worried about? - however I firmly want to keep all extra car weight to a minimum!



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    Re: BullBar weight?

    Bump... Nothing out there?

    ...I'd have thought there'd be some info, given how many Prado's get around on this site with a Bull Bar on them!

    Doesn't anyone care/know how much stuff they are lugging around?
    Given that the result is higher fuel consumption, slower performance, worse handling, prematurely worn tyres and shocks, etc, etc...

    ... somewhat confused...

    Silver '08 GXL Manual V6. O/L B-Bar, Bilstein/EFS lift, M-T STZ tyres, Cibie Oscar spots, Rear Eaton E-locker.

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    Re: BullBar weight?

    Rob, u might want to use the search function as their is plenty written already about weights of Bars.
    Or go to the mod thread and look through the bullbar posts.

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    Re: BullBar weight?

    New TJM 13 Steel Outback Bar is a about 65kg

    picture etc in this thread

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    Re: BullBar weight?

    HI Rob.

    I cant help with weights but noticed a big difference when I took the ARB steel one of my old 100series.
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    Re: BullBar weight?

    The Ironman bar which looks like a loop bar copy of the ARB is much lighter at around 45kg. The ARB bar is about 80kg and the TJM alloy bar is about 50kg.

    I went with the Ironman bar because it is lighter. Stainless steel loops. You should be able to find some photos of the bar or I can post some here if you want.

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    Re: BullBar weight?

    i can say that the sov BB with winch cradle compared with a ARB steel winch bar, there is bugger all difference.
    the new recall parts make sure of that.
    i've just finished swapping over to steel.

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    BullBar weight?

    The ARB sahara bar weighs 58kgs

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    Re: BullBar weight?

    One thing to take into account is when fitting an aftermarket bar is that there is a large chunk of iron istting behind the plastic bumper that is removed. I believe that is about twenty to thirty odd kilos so the additional weight is next to nothing and looks a hell of a lot better 8)

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    Re: BullBar weight?

    just fitted my Bullbar on Saturday and got the bumper and all the steelbracing and fittings came to 15 Kgs...the bumper was around 6 kgs...the rest of the stuff 9 kgs


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