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    Written off vehicle register - WOVR

    Just had a look at a low kms 120 series 2007 D4D GLX for sale with the only problem being it was "hail damaged" from interstate and placed on the
    Written off vehicle register - WOVR-

    and is a repaired written of vehicle Tier 3

    If a vehicle is a repaired written-off vehicle or there is a suspicion it is stolen, re-birthed or repaired using parts from stolen vehicles, a vehicle identity inspection (Tier 3) is required before it can be registered.

    just did a V check using WWW. Autocheck for REVS and more i got this

    - Inspection Date: 10/09/2009
    - State recorded: SOUTH AUSTRALIA

    The current owner bought it at auction, and it has passed all the motor vehicle dept inspections required for reregistration and i have seen all the paperwork. I all so have sighted the roof repair paperwork - cost - $850 from a well known toyota dealership near home

    The body & paintwork is also in excellent condition, having looked underneath it seems no more dirty then other vehicles i have looked at, all round seems a excellent vehicle, drives well etc

    which leads me to the question

    Why would an insurance company write of a vehicle just for roof hail damage, or would they?
    if also flood damaged underneath would this be an issue and how could it effect the underside,
    what would i look for and how many years would it take for these to be visible ( its several years since written off )
    Impact damage?
    Anyone had any experience, comments about how insurance companies work in these regards etc

    I assume after the QLD floods many more vehicles maybe such as this will be showing up

    Any advice, suggestions, hints, steer well clear

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    Re: Written off vehicle register - WOVR

    Seems odd that an insurance company would write off a $30-$40K veehicle for less than $1k damage. I would be asking more questions.
    Regarding flood damage look at the front seat rails for silt deposits. Also look in the ash trays and other hard to reach to clean areas like under the dash for signs of water/silt deposits. IMO if it was only the underside you were concerned with, a 4Wd being exposed to flood waters on the underside side only ie no internal damage, then this would be no different to playing in the mud and creek crossing for a weekend, unless of course there is contaminents in the water which might cause corrosion.

    If you still have doubt walk away.

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    Re: Written off vehicle register - WOVR

    Quote Originally Posted by MDS69
    Seems odd that an insurance company would write off a $30-$40K veehicle for less than $1k damage. I would be asking more questions.....

    If you still have doubt walk away.

    I ued to work in insurance, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth 8)

    MDS69 is spot on, take that advice under your arm and run with it :wink:
    2005 Diesel Funbus Driver

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    Re: Written off vehicle register - WOVR

    just did some more googling on hail damaged cars in N.S.W and other areas & basically the insurance companies where just paying out market value on loads of cars, some sight unseen rather than go through the costly, tedious and expensive exercise of fixing them., but will take your advice & have another look,



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