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    Exclamation Welcome to the new PradoPoint

    Hi Everyone,

    Well, we made it. The new forum is running.

    There is some housekeeping to do and over the next few days we will sort out the finer details of the move.

    You will need to reset your password.

    It's possible you may experience a few connection issues as DNS details update around the globe due to the move to the new server. If it occurs, it will settle in 24hrs.

    Have a look around, make yourself at home. Start your own blog.

    Attachments and avatars should have been carried across. If yours isn't here, you will need to upload it again.

    All the best. Any major concerns, please let me know.


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    Thanks for your efforts Aaron!! Very interesting to see what's new... Blogs n all

    For General Info...
    Re the new passwords, when I logged in with the new generated password it gave me a msg that I did not have permissions to view the page (which was all pages I tried)... just log out and log back in and it then lets you in as previously.
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    There were a few permissions issues and the cookie wasn't being set properly upon logging in. It should be ok now though.

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    Looks pretty snazzy mate, just like a bought one.
    Good work.

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    Finally, I'm on!
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    Thanks for the effort!
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    Hi Aaron, thank you for the update.

    Is there a mobile phone compatible mode of the new website that will make reading on a smart phone easier?

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    Well done Aaron.

    Bak to reading and setting up my lost friends.
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    Love the email notification, has the post reply in the email, don't have to open the forum every time to see the reply's, excellent!!

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    Nice work Aaron. It took me a couple of attempts to get on and then found my signature font to be HUGE!!!. Set the font size to "1" and all is now good. Thanks again.....
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    Good work on the swap, but there are 2 things im not liking....

    1) The trolls (im sure the security settings have been upgraded since this AM).

    2) the advertising in the posts. Im on several forums and I have not seen anything like it when signed in. If im browsing without signing in the 2nd post is an ad.
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    The FAQ for this new forum software mentions it supports RSS, if the administrator enables it. I pointed my RSS reader at but it could not retrieve the feed.

    Could RSS be enabled?

    Thanks for all the work!

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