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    Rear door lock problem fixed.

    I had the same problem - occasional failure to lock the tailgate when the cargo blind was in use.

    I took it in to Toyota who said it was a known (intermittent) problem. They had a 'fiddle' with it at the time and all was working, but said to bring it back if the problem persisted.

    It did persist and Toyota did fix it ... by changing the lugs on the cargo blind.

    Nearly a week (!) now and no further problems.



    Had a 'failure to lock' again but now know what Toyota did. The rear blind lugs were 'chamfered' so that the rear most flap on the blind (the bit between the lugs and the rear door) can be tilted down about 45 degrees.

    When tilted down, the door locks. If not tilted down, it mostly fails to lock.
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    Here is the solution.

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    Kh lee. Did you get a new rear blind.

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    Yes, this is new.
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    2012 V6 Auto VX

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    anyone have any numbers for the cargo blind field fix ?? my local dealer spent 20 mins refusing to acknowledge it existed, then finally agreed that such a field recall existed, but would not tell me what would be done, wouldn't give me its official name, the date, its number, or read the field fix to me.

    anyone else received a nwe blind under exchange/recall/warranty? just trying to get as much info as possible for this with the dealer.

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    double post, wont let me delete it
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    after a lot of stuffing around at a local dealer (mulgrave) I now have my new rear cargo blind with the cut out at the lock location..

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    Hi Gents, I have this problem now and have removed the blind completely and still have the problem that the rear door doesn't lock. Any advice?

    Regards George

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