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    Unhappy hand brake issues

    i like to do my own maintence on my prado im very particular who gets near her a little over protective i guess.a job i thought would be very straight forward so im asking with a big PLEASE HELP how do adjust the hand brake..

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    Hopefully a 120 series owner can elaborate, but on my 90 series there is an adjusting cog/screw that is turned with a flat head screw driver through a small hole in the brake disc/drum to adjust the shoes. Tightening the cable is done with a 10mm nut in the cabin and by adjusting the bell cranks behind the brake discs.

    Again, this for a 90 series Prado. 120's could be different, but I imagine the basic steps apply.
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    The 120 is exactly as Declan says.
    At each rear wheel, spin the rotor around until the little inspection hole is at the bottom and line it up with the hole in the hub (between the axle studs). You wont really be able to see what your doing, but will be able to feel the star wheel spin slighly when adjusting with a small flat head screwdriver.
    Also under the handbrake itself is another adjusting wheel that adjusts the tension on each handbrake cable to the left/right wheels together.
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    And i thought you were having problems with SWMBO stopping the next mod
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    yep my handbrake is cranky with me for getting some tjm bash plates, but she will get over it. cheers samo.
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    Have a look at this thread, fairly detailed explanation with pictures, should have all the info you need.

    Cheers Andrew
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    thanku very much prado brothers for your info.hand brake says thanks to there goes the lockers for a while...

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    adjusted handbrake today all good now.little difficult to see in inspection hole used an led pen torch that did the job.wound adjust wheel upward till it goes tight went back 1 turn beutiful now didnt need adjust hand brake adjustment in cab.thanku for your help...


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