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    Gravel road rattle

    When driving on tar all is fine. As soon as I go onto gravel road where wheels bounce more, there is a rattle in front right wheel. However, as soon as I apply even slight brake force this disappears.
    I have had the wheel off and checked what I can. All feels OK. Did not go away when I refitted wheel. Ideas plse

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    Could be a loose nut on the strut so as the shock and spring work harder on gravel, components get a rattle going. Also check the pads, locating pins, springs etc are tight and against the rotor. Had a small stone trapped between the pad and rotor once that created a rattle.

    Maybe use the handbrake to come to a stop, take the wheel off and then check as a piston may be sticking slightly inside the caliper allowing the pad room to rattle.
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    Hi hoskind I have very similar problem as well in my 120 series have you solved the problem? Regards jiimel06.


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