Hi Members,

In light of some recent events and our growing membership I have decided to review our current rules & terms of use.

This will then remove any doubt as to how we operate the site moving forward.

The revised rules will include policies concerning but not limited to:

  • membership privileges (both free and financial)
  • creating, editing and removing posts
  • advertising
  • moderator / admin procedures
  • intellectual property & the Pradopoint community

When these rules have been revised and refined they will be emailed to each member and posted prominently on the site.

This process will take some time. I am on annual leave until early October and will address this when I return.

Thank you all for your contribution to Pradopoint and making it a great community.

If you have current concerns around policy as it may appear currently, please sit tight until the revised terms of use are finalised.

Thank you,