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    Hi AMTS, i have some to add for the things to look out for on the 90 Series when buying used.
    I found these crack in the LHF upper inner guard area towards the rear on my KZJ95R a few weeks ago.
    I posted it on a 90 Series owners facebook group and found 2 other Diesel's with the same cracks in the same place as mine.
    Haven't seen any Petrol's affected as yet, which is odd, as the Diesel has no Battery on this side of the engine bay like the Petrol's do.

    See attached pics.

    Regards, Jason.



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    90 Series things to look out for.
    Check Dashboard to see if you can grab the outer ends of the dash and move it up and down.
    If so, it has sheared the locating dowels under the windscreen (very well noted common concern) & will require replacement of locating pins or other bracing to be applied.
    There are several repair threads available for this on Pradopoint.

    Regards, Jason.
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    90 Series things to look out for.

    -As these are now getting on in the years, we are seeing more failures of rear upper trailing arms. Keep an eye on them. We have developed a larger stronger replacement arm for these specifically to rectify this. Steer clear of eBay replacement arms that look like the genuine ones, as they won't last 6 months in 4wd'ing situations. I have a box of snapped eBay ones at work.

    -Bushings in front ends have a life of around 200,000kms to 230,000kms. If they haven't been done already, budget in at some stage for front lower & upper control arm bushes. Expect around 6-7hrs labour charge for these as they are a bugger to do.

    -Panhard Rod bushes: Common to wear out around the 180-200k mark. They get a longitudinal wobble in the car when they are gone, a really weird feeling. Even a quality replacement part is not a dear fix for this one.

    -Front Lower ball joint wear with age. Do not Skimp on cheaper parts. These are under huge stress loads & checpies are lucky ot last 12-18 months. A genuine part at approx $330.00ea or a good quality aftermarket part like a 555 Ball Joint are all i would put in my own car.

    - Steering rack bushes. Very common wear item on these, with the bushes wearing and the rack shifting side to side.
    A good Superpro or equivalent set are a good cheap fix for them.

    - Inner & Outer tie rod ends. Have started to see a few higher km vehicles wearing these out lately. Again, buy the best you can afford. 555 make the best outer tie rod ends for them and Roadsafe do a good quality inner rack end for them. 99% of the ebay junk is just that on these vehicles, with very poor life expectancy.

    -Steering Racks... (i have had mine rebuilt 3 times by a moron, and it still knocks) Steer clear of cheap Chinese eBay new units & either Reco your own, or find a reputable Steering Specialist for a new one.

    -Rear lower trailing arm bushes. Mine are still going strong at 270,000kms, so just keep an eye on them and replace as required.

    Hope this helps everyone a little.

    Kind Regards, Jason.

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    Always check car's VIN in order to get it's info and history. You can easily do it using some online service like It is a really important thing
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    I might get in trouble for this - but this is my "repairable write off" for sale again. Dead give away for me was the PradoPoint Stikers, phone cradle and rear door light. Being sold as a GXL - only looks like the wheels have been upgraded to alloy....
    '04 120 Petrol Flinders Red GXL
    with ARB Catalog, with TJM add ons!

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    Hi Jason,What an informative report,thanks,I have a 90 series prado that i really love,taken it everywhere and no major issues so far.i do have a question however in regards to the rear upper and lower control it possible to get a thump from them only in reverse? ive recently replaced my auto due to worn clutches,and now i get this thump in reverse when in sand or mud,it definately comes from rear of the truck,now up around 260.000km mark.cheers dave.
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    Hi sorry if im on the wrong topic but im about to buy brand new Prado VX model and wanted to know if it has digital radio

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    Thanks for this info. It really helped me pick the right 150 series. 2 of the dealer Prados I looked at had cracked inner guards on the left front.

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