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    New 2016 Prado 2.8 Pricing

    Anyone started placing orders on the new 2.8? If so, can you give me some indication of pricing you have been able to negotiate? I'm looking at Auto GXL to replace my 08 Petrol

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    only have fleet at this time , will that help?
    2012 GXL Auto T/D

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    Any where is a good start, rather than the 69 I was just told by the Sales Rep!

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    Don't pay more than $61k
    -=2014 GXL D4D Auto Graphite, Firestone Airbags, ARB/Optima D34 Dual Battery, ARB UVP, TJM Airtech Snorkle=-

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    Symo, 61k for the new 2.8?

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    I bought a 2015 3.0L Prado GXL last month and went into the dealership yesterday to discuss an issue with Toyota Link and while I was doing that I popped inside and asked one of the salesmen how much the new 2.8L Prado are going for and he also quoted 69.2k. This was in south-west Sydney. I don't think they'll budge much until they clear the 3.0L stock. Possibly down to around 65k for the next few months?

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    I was quoted 63450 that was without much haggling. i had been in there a few times talking to them about the access finance.

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    I still don't understand why Lexus don't sell the GX460 over here, there is enough Prado's used as school taxi's to take on the Range Rovers over here, shit i'd have one with a V8 in it for shits n giggles!

    Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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    Hello. New here and buying my first Prado.

    I was brought into the market earlier than anticipated with the run out deals on the 3 litre GXL but now having driven it along side the new 2.8, its the 2.8 I'm getting.

    Why? Its not too much different to drive but the 2.8 is noticeably quieter and smoother.
    Whatever Toyota has done to the motor and the extra cog in the tranny has worked.
    After you've haggled the real world price difference is about $5000.
    When you take into account satnav is standard, its close to 10% more fuel efficient and future resale value, its well worth the extra $5k IMO.

    The soon to be released Hilux based Fortuner is an interesting vehicle.
    I wonder how it will affect Prado sales as it ticks a lot of boxes, the styling both in and out is more modern, and it will probably be $10k cheaper.
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    so neilaction, what did you pay ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maulbeagle View Post
    so neilaction, what did you pay ?
    Probably too much.
    Graphite, tow bar, mats, drive away, $68,216.45.

    I was offered the 3 litre as above for $63,540.00.

    The thing is, I probably could have got it for less, but the salesperson I bought it from did all the hard yards and was clearly a different beast to most of the others I dealt with. And for that I pay.....

    The real issue for me was choosing a Prado over a Discovery.

    If you want to treat yourself go and drive a Disco.
    But after years of paying the cost of maintaining European cars, I wanted reliable, reasonable running costs, and an extensive servicing network. Hard to go past a Toyota............

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    mate the only person that needs to worry about the price is yourself. if you're happy with the price you paid then it's all good.

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