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    Correct they are fairly straight forward but next to NO ONE wants to touch them

    The sticky is to list state by state company's and shops that will actually do Kakadu lift kits
    Spacing out the sensors on Std length bags to achieve a 2" lift is not good practice for a fair few reasons best get the correct length bags and do it properly, incorrect bleeding of KDSS system can cost $$$$
    Rear shock length is very important Airbag man state a shock with an open length no longer than 625mm is required, this is why my Fox Kit was refunded as the rear shocks exceeded this open length
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    Hello all,
    I am new to Prado Point and new to owning a Prado.
    I recently purchased the 2017 Kakadu and subsequently fitted it out with some accessories.
    Some of which include a bulbar, winch and dual batteries. Now my front end has sagged and I only have 18cm clearance off the ground.
    I have tried all over Adelaide to find a lift kit or stronger suspension for the front end but so far I have had no luck.
    Please if anyone can help? So far I have been told no one will touch it due to the suspension currently on there.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Go and see Hayden and Scott down at Southern performance at Lonsdale.
    Tell them the pradopoint forum sent you.
    They can help you out.

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    Can I ask if the automatic rear airbag leveling still functions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipperyskakadu View Post
    Kakadu lifts are easy and way over thought.

    Springs need to suit KDSS. (OME, Dobinsons, Kings, Lovell's)
    Rear airbags have to be airbag mans or trick std bag sensors.
    Pick any Shocks n Struts you like...
    And your done !

    That Easy....

    Bleeding the KDSS just requires level ground. Half hour little bit off jumping and tighten screw up.

    Lol there's ya Sticky !!

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    Can you advise why rear airbags have o be Airbag mans? Does this retain the auto leveling feature of rear sus. Been quoted Polyair bags long travel, but you loose auto leveling (manual only as needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrosby99 View Post
    Can I ask if the automatic rear airbag leveling still functions?
    Depends on which type of airbag.
    Helper airbags can't do self levelling. They fit inside a coil.
    Coil replacement airbags can do self levelling.
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    Just had the airbag mans go in today.... Come up perfectly very happy

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