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    2013 prado gxl freezing aircon

    Im wondering if anyone else is having aircon problems. I bought a 2013 prado 150 series gxl brand new and drove it north to the pilbara. The aircon is feeezing cold and stays at 8 degrees no matter what I set the digital temp reading to. After taking the car back a few times during servicing I am constantly told the aircon is working. However the only options I seem to have is cold (8 degrees) hot( 31 degrees) or off or on.

    Any thoughts out there ?


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    My 2012 GXL thinks its a fridge, not a car and the aircon runs about 4 degrees cooler than it should and yes, the dealer told me it was ok as well. We just dial up 25 degrees and we get around 21 degrees so not anywhere near as bad as yours.
    If it was mine I would take it back to the dealer and ask the service manager to go for a ride with it running on 8 degrees. Even if you are out of warranty (like me), given that you have already complained about it perhaps when the service manager freezes his whatnots off he may be convinced.
    I have also been told that the outside temp is measured by the MAF sensor, so maybe you should be checking that to see if it is clean.
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    yep 2014, same thing leave my setpoint at 24-25, i find its just the draft out of the vents blowing directly on me that is too cold, it actually maintains the cabin temperature fine. I must say i love the larger compressor on the 40+ days.
    Have you tried running the rear AC at the same time that helps a bit.

    Remember 21 deg doesn't mean you will have 21 coming out of the vents. 21 is the setpoint for the zone temperature.

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    This seems to be a common discussion I have with people. The temperature you set the climate control to is NOT the temperature of the air coming out the vents. The temperature you set is the goal ambient temperature you want the car to maintain. If you set the temp to 21 degrees the air coming out of the vents will ALWAYS be 5 degrees (for arguments sake) and the computer will adjust the fan speed to maintain the set temperature within the car.
    From car to car the 'ideal' climate control temperature will be different. This is based on so many factors including accuracy and position of the temperature measuring sensor within the car.

    I hate it with a passion when people get in my car on a hot day and set the temp dial as low as it will go!!

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    No wish to hijack this thread but I am not talking about the temp of the air coming out the vents. If we set our climate control on 21 degrees, we will freeze. We have to set it on around 25 to be comfortable on a mid 20's day, and even then keep adjusting just like manual air con. In my wife's Calais, we leave it on 21 and forget it. It just works. No fiddling or adjusting like on the Prado. IMO, our Prado climate control is either faulty or rubbish. The dealer says it is not faulty
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    Quote Originally Posted by hulbyw View Post
    In my wife's Calais, we leave it on 21 and forget it. It just works. No fiddling or adjusting like on the Prado.
    I've noticed the exact same thing. I recently got rid of my VE Calias after buying it new in 2007 and reckon I must have touched the Climate control temp maybe 3 times in all that time - it was simply left in Auto @ 22. You're right it just works and it works extremely well too.

    I'm constantly fiddling with my Prado's climate settings. Auto mode certainly doesn't work well.

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    Thanks for your replies everyone. I thought I was the only one out there going crazy.. Prado gxl is advertised as having 3 zone climate control. "So whatever the weather's like outside, the weather inside is always perfect." The weather will be perfect in my prado when hell freezes over, oh wait maybe toyota should offer to do the aircon down there.

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    Mine fine, set at 24 front and rear and ambient is comfortable. As long as you are not sitting in the the draft of the vent it's perfect, and nice and warm in winter.

    All my vents point to the roof.

    It's one of those things, climate control controls the ambient temp, not the vent temp. The exact same thing with air con in a house. Some people are convinced the temp is the air temp, as opposed to room temp.

    Almost as funny as people who think turning a/c off to use the heater, it works better left on! Or those that point cold a/c at the front windshield and end up with frost on the outside.

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    I have a 2016 Prado and the air is absolutely freezing at any setting below 26 and comfortable at 27.
    After being told by the service adviser and workshop manager that the auto function only varies the fan speed the dealership has now agreed to do some further investigation into the problem.

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    Same - 2016 GXL and it's freezing cold. It's got nothing to do with the 'ambient temperature' thing or the air being colder coming out of the vents - while those are facts, it is true of every other car. I've owned at least half a dozen now with Climate Control and the Prado's is simply freezing. I can't use the rear vents with the kids in the car because they complain of the cold up to 28 degrees, then fall asleep with the heat at 30 degrees.

    It's not set correctly, and it sounds like a wider issue.

    Still, like most, I would rather have the ability to cool the cabin quickly than not and have appreciated it this summer... but it is akin to a fault. Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Nissan, Honda, VW and Holden all seem to get it right - and that's by experience. But I won't complain to the dealer as I'm fearful that they'll do something to limit everything to the point of it turning the other way


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