Well it has now been 10 months since the end of the 2015 GTG so thought it would be good for those that attended and received products from the sponsors of the to give some feedback.

I was lucky enough to get a pair of sunglasses from Spotters and have to say they are the best sunglasses I have ever worn. They remove the glare and make the driving experience far better. With the polarised lens you can see right through the water making creek crossings safer.

I also picked up 5 litres of truck wash from Warwick Australia. This really gets under the dirt/mud and lifts it off when washing the Prado.

I have also been using Joes Place For Hair in Launceston for my hair cuts. (The feedback from Joes has been great and are very happy with the support they gave us to the return they have been getting)

So please share your thoughts and comments on what you were lucky enough to pick up.