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Thread: Hema HX1

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    Hema HX1

    Anybody got the new Hema?

    Read lots of stuff about the 7 model being difficult to use and not confident about other brands.

    Like the look of new features ( wifi, camera, downloading through wifi).

    Local auto association has them for $629 for members.

    Haven't seen any independent reviews yet so any comments appreciated.
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    + 1 also interested in this new model I am contemplating going down the tablet + ram mount option or buying a complete unit like the Hema HX1.

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    ive thought about it, but its just a low spec 7" tablet running android 4.4 with a better version of the hema software, im using this app at the moment to see how it goes,
    Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd+,

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    ordered mine today, will keep you informed, free 4wd map updates for the life of the unit appealed to me, $699 well i aint gunna take the money with


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    Very happy with it, the details on the maps is incredible. plus i get free 4wd map updates for the life of the unit, very very happy

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    Could you please take a screen shot to show how much the zoom and detail of it , ive the app and dont think it zooms enough

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    So what's the real difference or bonus of the HX1 from the iPad app? Haven't used either of them, so I am after some real life thought.

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    The Android app doesn't zoom in as much as the other app i use so its intersting to see the difference

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    best i can do

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    if there is some part of aus you want done let me know and ill take pics for you

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