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    Hi, if it were me I would test before a trip. I was caught like that and could not find a suitable charging source all my trip.

    Very easy to test. plug the S2 into the ports. If U get a red dross on the top right battery image, U know it does not charge.
    Regards SAFTGT
    2010 Prado GXL, Engel 40L, MSA drop slide and wheelie bin, Dual battery,
    ARB CKMA12 compressor, Coopers AT, Dog car seat covers, Front & rear RP,
    Bunnings plastic drawers, Safari Snorkel, ARB breathers, Icom IC-450 80 Channel UHF CB
    My other hobby is

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    Brought an Icom IC450n, along with a Uniden AT380 which i need to fit.

    I already have the power to the center console where i plan to hide the unit.
    Need to buy an RJ45 connector which i can fit into one of the old switch blanks so the radio is discrete.

    My challenge is how to route the antenna cable and mount the antenna on the pioneer rack.
    I was hoping to mount the antenna just in front and in the middle of the Pioneer rack - Rhino Rack Spotlight Bracket looks like an easy option.

    Antenna cable routing will be either out of the engine bay and along the A-pillar or out through one of the doors.


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    Enjoying your build thread. Looking forward to seeing your Icom install post and pics. Thanks for sharing.


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    Yesterday i installed the AT380 UHF antenna and temporarily installed the UHF radio

    I mounted the antenna on my Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform (RRPP) using a RRPP spotlight bracket (Ref:43102), drilled out to 16mm. The antenna is removable (PL259 base), and i can just squeeze into 2.1m carparks with just the top of the antenna occasionally touching.

    I'd like the cabling to be more discrete than cable ties, still thinking about that.

    From there, i ran the cable along the rubber skirt on the edge of the window into the engine bay
    In the engine bay, on the right hand side is a convenient grommet into the drivers footwell to route the cable.
    In the photo, i've not tidied up the surplus co-axial cable - possibly to change the roof rack routing.

    Trying to find somewhere for the Icom unit wasn't so easy, and it would not adhere to a plastic panel directly behind the dashboard, so i have temporarily mounted it to the right of the drivers footwell with some sticky velcro. When i fitted the dual battery and USB charging points, i also ran a power cable for a UHF, so connecting to power was simple.

    Driving around yesterday, i was just scanning and listening to the other traffic. I've yet to do a radio check...!

    Next steps:
    1. Customise one of the switch blanks with a RJ-45 connector for the microphone
    2. Move the ICOM unit behind the dash so it's hidden - need to find an appropriate location.
    3. Connect the 'turn off, when ignition is turned off' wire. The unit will still turn on with the ignition off, but this will limit accidently leaving the UHF radio on. I expect to connect this to the standard 12v socket or similar which is only live with the ignition.
    4. Improve cable routing on Pioneer Platform to hide cable ties.
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    I wanted to move the radio to a more discrete location. There is not much space behind the console, so after seeing some other threads, it looks like there is space under the console, just in front of the gear selector

    The radio had a trigger feed which will automatically switch it off when the ignition is off, so i ran a feed from the cable that powers the 12v accessory socket in the console. Unfortunately i hoped the radio would also work while the ignition is off, just that the feed would allow it to turn on and off with the ignition - however when connected i found this was not the case, so this is now disconnected.

    I had some socket blanks, so had a go at making a socket mounted RJ45 connector. The normal sockets are too big, but these pass-through connectors, available from RS are just the ticket I made a custom length of CAT6 cable with RJ45 connectors between the back of the socket to the radio.

    Unfortunately, because of the amount of socket i removed to fit the RJ45 passthrough, the socket keeps pulling out of the console.

    The OnClick phone bracket works well with the mic

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    I received a very nice RJ45 socket from AMTS this morning which i installed and the console now looks how i wanted.

    My home made connector, which kept popping out of the console

    Installing the new RJ45 connector from AMTS. I had made up a custom cable with connectors run from the radio to the socket using standard CAT6 networking cable.

    I was a little worried that the dust cover on the Icom IC-450n mic plug would foul the dust cover, but it was fine.

    Center console with mic connected to the socket and mic holder.
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