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Thread: Evakool fridge

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    Evakool fridge

    Saw this while I was looking at fridges to buy,

    Looking at the 65L, reckon its ok deal?

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    I have one of the older models of the travelmate and can't fault it too much. It is a bit power hungry but I believe they fixed that in this model. I think I paid about 650 for mine from factory seconds with a free case.

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    I got the 55l glacier for xmas from that site (599 good deal !). All good so far
    Took it away as 2nd fridge in the van
    Quality looks good

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    Mine turned up today, alot bigger than I thought it would be, even after working out measurements in the back of the car.
    First impression, i like it, nice and solid unit, alot of space inside. Guess time will tell.
    Oh yeah 5 year warranty happy with that.


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