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Thread: New tyre time

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    New tyre time

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to need a new set of tyres very soon to replace the aging Cooper ATRs and am looking for some recommendations. I realise that tyre choice is subjective but the web doesn't seem to offer any unbiased information. Most of the time will be spent on road but I will need reasonable off road ability so a highway-biased pattern is a no no. The Coopers are OK in the dry but very bad in the wet - understeering on roundabouts etc. They have been OK off road but haven't been challenged with anything too muddy. I've been looking at BF Goodrich All-Terrains, Mickey Thompson STZs and Bridgestone D697s. The BF Goodrich ATs are probably my favoured choice at the moment - they were great years ago when I ran Land Rovers - but any info is greatly appreciated.

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    I have the MT STZs and they have been flawless so far. Great in the sand which is effectively all my four wheeling but also very good on Tarmac wet or dry. And importantly low noise ! Plus they look shmicko ! Only downside has been $ and with the A$ set to reduce the price will go up.. sob.

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    I had the older model BFG's and while they were good off road, the on road performance once they wore down was not the best. I then went to Bridgestone D697's and while they are not as aggressive as the BFG's, they perform very well both on and off road.

    I have done two GTG's with the Bridgestones (Victoria and Tasmania) and they were great. Quiet on the road and good in the wet and off road they seem to grip quite well.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I had a different approach to the whole tyre thing as I researched extensively 4WD tyres around the world, as the Prado I purchased had mismatched tyres, basically I had to get 5 tyres, so with no prior knowledge/people in my ear on brands for 4WD tyres I looked at reviews in Europe and Canada and USA, what kept coming up was the General Grabber AT2 for serious off roading, and pirelli ATR for some off roading. I choose the General Grabbers AT2 light truck, honestly they grip well wet and dry, handle well and are quiet and i mean really quiet, I have 40 psi front/ 42 psi rear and they also as a bonus correct the error in my speedo so it matches my GPS exactly. I have had them in gravel, rocky out crops, loads of mud but not sand yet that will be next week. I would recommend them.

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    I Had the previous BFGs and while they were brilliant off road, they aren't very good on road in the wet especially as they wear. As the tyres wore I would say that they were almost dangerous in the wet on the road when trying to stop or turn suddenly.

    Switched to Bridgestone D697 which are much better on the road but unfortunately nowhere near as good off-road. I have had one puncture and there are numerous cracks around the tread after 30000ks. I'm also not sure that they are as good as the BFGs in sand, they bag out better but don't seem to get as much traction as the BFGs.

    Not sure what to do next as on road safety is important, but so is tyre life and off-road performance. Might try the new BFGs next

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    I went from D697's to ATZ p3's.

    I did 40,000Kms on the Bridgstones which were awesome on road but average off road. Suffered 2 sidewall punctures in 6 months so moved to the Mickey T's.
    No issues so far but they are much heavier, a bit noisier being a more aggressive tyre and you do pay a bit for them.

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    ATZ P3's, after a set of ATZ's Both have been excellent, no failures and no punctures. Used on and off road, probably 60/40 bitumen/dirt.

    Sold the ATZ's on ebay within a week as they were getting old, plenty of wear left but probably not a good idea to take 8+ year old tyres on an outback trip.
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    I have used BFGs for 20 + years but when I picked up my new 2.8 in June I planned to immediately switch to them. However none could be had for love nor money for at least a month. As a result I got Cooper AT3s. I find them quiet on the road, good wet or dry and fine offroad in the few hundred kms done that way so far. I have been on long trips with people who had them. I am talking CSR, Simpson, FlindersRanges [ very hard on tyres] and most of the major inland tracks. I noticed that they cleared mud better, collected fewer stones in the tread and were virtually chip free at the end of trips, unlike my BFGs which always had great chunks out of themand were also puncture free and sidewall damage free. I never found the wet tar handling/traction an issue with BFGs as they got older BUT they always seemed to get harder and to give a much harsher ride from about 40,000km+. Ask me about the AT3s after they have an inland trip under them but so far so good [ and cheaper than the BFGs].

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    I use the General Grabber SRL's. Essentially an aggressive AT. Can't say enough about them. Cape and back and still look new. Mates we went with to Fraser 3 weeks ago couldn't believe I was running 16psi as there is minimal sidewall bagging. Some road noise.
    Will be purchasing more in future

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    Hankook atm
    light truck awsome tyres and money left in your wallet

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    I had Pirelli Scorpions and was very happy with them. Just moved to Yokosuka and they are good so far but noises than Pirellis were by a bit

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    I have the BFG KO2's in the 265/70 R17 size. Been very happy with them. Absolutely punish them off road. Not at all noisy on-road (my roof rack makes far more noise than the tyres). Still a bit slippery in the wet though.

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