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    Reverse camera intermittent

    So the Grande 2006 reverse camera is only working when it wants to. Wiggling the reverse gear lever back and forward does not engage the camera. My guess there must be a switch somewhere. Anyone able to point me in the right direction. Many thanks Brian
    Cheers Brian. 2006 Grande D4D

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    1: Are your reverse lights coming on?
    If no, then it's a switch issue (or blown globes) or blown fuse.

    2: if reverse lights coming on. Is camera monitor coming up on the screen (eg. Switching to reverse camera with/ without picture)?
    3: if yes, then it could be a broken lead or wore on camera. Needs to be checked. Around back door cable loom feed and around the actual camera is first place to look for cable damage.
    If no. Then it could be an issue with audio system not getting a reverse feed. (Check reverse light fuses).

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    Thank you I will check out those things and see what works(or not)
    Cheers Brian. 2006 Grande D4D


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