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    Thanks Mate!

    Appreciate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyTroy View Post
    My prado must have been modified.
    If the main tank light comes on, i switch over to the sub tank.
    The sub tank fuel gauge starts to drop, and the main tank gauge starts filling also.
    If the sub tank runs dry, the engine starts to splutter, and i need to switch back to the main. If the sub tank is dry, and the main tank light comes on, i have 60km until it is also empty.

    Only thing i would have liked was a low fuel light on the sub tank also, but as is works great for me. As stated, someone must have modified how my fuel tanks operate from factory.
    It might have a faulty return solenoid, stuck in the main position or electronically unable to switch to Aux position. In any case, fuel shouldn't transfer between tanks, it's a fault.
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