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    New tyres - but something ain't right: steering wheel vibrates, strange noise, pulls to the left

    Hi guys,

    Recently bought a used Prado GX 2013 (new facelift model) that had about 50,000 km on the clock and still had the stock tyres. Needless to say, the tyres needed replacing and that's what I had done about three weeks ago.

    After a lot of research on this forum, I decided on a new set of BF Goodrich A/T KO2 in the standard size, i.e. 265 65 R17.

    Went to Canberra over the weekend and this was in fact the first time that I drove the car at speeds over 100km/h since changing the tyres, and that's were the trouble started:

    • Steering pulls to the left (not crazy, but definitely did not notice this prior to changing to the new tyres)
    • There is a lot more "slack" in the steering wheel now before the steering reacts to the input
    • But when it does, there is also a lot of vibration being transmitted to the steering wheel. Feels very weird.
    • Lastly, there is also quite a bit of noise. While expected with a more aggressive tread, it's actually not a constant hum which I had expected but more an up and down in frequency, kinda like this (excuse the pathetic attempt at illustrating the sound): .∙'∙.∙'∙..∙'∙..∙'∙..∙'∙..∙'∙..∙'∙..∙'∙.

    Now, from all I know, this is not normal and probably indicates a problem with the wheel balancing - especially because this problem did not exist with the stock tyres. Suspension is not changed (completely stock).

    That said, I've never had A/T tyres, so can someone please confirm this is not normal before I complain with the dealer who fitted them? I would assume I should ask them to fix this free of charge?

    Many thanks for your help, guys!



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    Balance and alignment need redoing.
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    make them rotate them to start with and see if one has a bubble in it and it moves to the back many a tyre joint has blamed the car and blokes have start looking at replacing things that aren't rooted. The first thing tyre mobs do is blame the car when its just started doing when the tyres went on I've had that fight b4.
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    Thanks for confirming, guys.

    Will have the dealer take a look at it this weekend and report back when done.


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