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    Fitting 2014 stereo into a 2011

    Hi, I have a 2011 and I've been looking for android touchsceens in aliexpress and does anybody know if the 2014 ones can fit the 2011? The 2014 ones look a lot nicer. Or will it be too much of a hassle to retrofit one? Thanks.

    This is my current stereo:

    Will this fit? I specifically chose the one with the hazard switch included.

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    What part of Sydney are you in? I am in Hornsby.

    I have updated mine and have the factory one that you could try to fit to see if it will fit.
    2015 GX Prado 3L Auto, in the process of being fitted out.

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    I called into autobahn last night to talk about stereo and gps options. There is a later model version facia available for around $85 you would need I think to mount the stereo in the higher point.

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    Hi there - did you have a VX with the reverse screen? I have a broken screen that needs a repair and could buy the old screen?

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    Does anyone know if this can be done??


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