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    I was having the same problem with my CV boots splitting approx every 6 months due to the ribs rubbing together. Found a good CV joint specialist who trialed a few different boots and stretched them a bit further down the CV shaft till they weren't rubbing anymore. Haven't had a blowout since. Was possibly a boot from a 100 series that he ended up on. I cant remember though.

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    i only get them replaced with aftermarkets from local 4wd mechanic, i refuse to pay the 3x price toyota want for the same thing and then install on top of that. unfortunately i don't have the mechanical expertise to fit myself.

    i don't have a problem with it, its not hard to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oftda View Post
    So here is a photo of one of my CV boots. My actual problem is the bellows rubbing together and wearing through over time. My issue isn't from tearing them at due to stretch and stress.

    Also spoke to my suspension guy yesterday and he has apparently fitted the diesel Dobinson kit in the from to cater for dual batteries, winch and steel bar as its slightly heavier duty. (I have the V6 Petrol)
    The aftermarket one I bought has 6 ribs which allows for more free movement. If I got a 3 rib one I'd be a bit annoyed too because they just look inferior in quality. Yours looks wierd how it's scrunched up at the end there.
    I do my homework on the aftermarket parts I buy before I get them. All my new ball joints except for the rack ends have zerk fittings on them so they can have new grease pumped in them during service intervals.
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    Well the general consensus seems to be that the aftermarket boots might be where I'm going wrong, one size fits all yet not specifically designed for this vehicle.

    So I'll keep them in there for now until my next big trip or when they fail, whichever comes first meanwhile saving the pennies for OEM Toyota boots.

    I shall report back more when things change.

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    If you want them to last longer, see where the smaller diameter part of the boot is strapped onto the CV shaft. Stretch it further down the shaft, spreading out the ribs on the boot more and use a small hose clamp there to secure it

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