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Thread: Prado v6 2007

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    Cheers for info guys I bought the prado for 24 k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonstockdisorder View Post
    I have attached a few pics from the inspection report.
    I would like to hear your opinion on this car. is it worth getting it?

    OP- sorry for hijacking your thread, Thought its better to post here than opening a new one.

    Rear seal - this is sort of a known, my mechanics said the same. I didn't worry about it until I got my clutch done. I presume that this is what the inspector means about Auto Service (though a fluid change wouldn't go astray).

    Brakes, well wear and tear - negotiating point. Most people tend to upgrade.

    Oil cap - mine is the same, '04 GXL with 253K km on it.

    I don't know about traction control, as I only have a 5 SP Man.
    '04 120 Petrol Flinders Red GXL
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