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    Great feedback guys
    Seems to be a lot of positives on both the yokos and also the BFG KO2
    I decided on a set of the BFG's for the Kakadu (265/60/18) Bob Janes at Frewville charged $408 per tyre fitted and balanced which I was very happy with. Didn't even have to haggle with them, they just said that was the 'going market rate' for that tyre and size this week! They have changed the entire look of the car with their rather aggressive looking side walls but so far I can honestly say they are amazingly quiet even at 100km/h.
    Can't wait to get them on the trails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanted View Post
    As mentioned earlier the benefits of buying from Costco are much more than just the initial price. No wonder a small discount of $100 has people waiting.

    If you were ever to get a puncture the cost getting that repaired would throw any saving out in one hit.

    Although I do wish Costco sold Yokohama tyres. If past experience on a different vehicle was any measure to go by then Yoko's out performed, out lasted a premium (PREMIUM, mentioned twice) Continental by miles. Continental was just rubbish. Yoko's grip in wet was amazing, lasted 2x more than what a Toyota service person with 15 years Bridgestone experience said it would!

    Hmmmm. After 6 months or so of checking that any Michelin promo's would also be applied to bfg's, today I rang up to order them only to be told that bfg's won't be included this time around...

    Going to check again on Monday to see if I get a different answer. Anyone else been successful at Costco with the BFG?

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