Hi guys,

I have recently had my front fender rubber guards wear down and fall off. They must have only been hanging on by a thread when I did some mud work last week. Is there any for the rear? It looks like I am missing the whole plastic part of my rear drivers wheel arch which made it are harder job clearing off the mud.

Looking through the forums and online I am finding mixed information on the actual part numbers so I can order from Amayama.

So far I have worked out from another PP post:

Toyota 5373535150 - COVER, RUBBER (1)

Toyota 5388635020 - COVER, RUBBER (2)

Toyota 5373635150 - COVER, RUBBER (1)

Toyota 9046710186 - CLIP (need about 20)

When looking online, I am seeing part numbers come up online like 5388660030... I have the KDJ150 model.

Does anyone know an exact list of part numbers needed to replace these?