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    Quote Originally Posted by Cant-Touch-This View Post
    Car looks mean as!

    Well done.

    There was a guy on here who had a lift on their Kakadu, Slippery I think his name is, might want to see if you can ask him, although I seen his Prado on Carsales.

    Just a question about your light bar, I can see it's not mounted on your bull bar, not worried about the bat blocking some air flow into the engine?
    Thanks. I wanted the light bar on the bull bar as I was concerned about it interfering with the adaptive cruise control radar (It sits behind the toyota badge). It was installed there and has not presented any issues with the radar. Never considering the air flow but so far i haven't had any issues. (I guess it would be just the same as any cart with two spotlights mounted as the same place).

    I may in the future get it moved up to the bullbar and get some spotlights added.

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    Just food for thought, difference between spotties and a bar.
    Bar goes right across where the air flow is, spotted at least have bigger gaps.

    I'm no expert though hahah, just what I think. If you haven't had any probs then all is good.

    Car looks epic anyways, white looks so much better than black,
    Always like the white on white bull bar to car always looks the best!

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