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    Re. tying the battery down behind the seat. Get hold of 1 or 2 old [or new] lap seatbelts and attach them to front of rear seat mounts and /or to rear seat belt mounts - strong and secure.

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    Hi, I have been running a similar setup for nearly the last 3 years. 2nd battery 130AH is secured in my rear draw setup and I have a VSR cant remember the brand. I then have a Victron MPPT regulator and 2 x 125W solar panels wired in series (24V) permanently mounted on a Pioneer platform. I bought panels that were basically square 800 x 800 joined them with stainless piano hinge, so I can fold the rear one over the front panel and I get a metre of rack back for those trips where space is a premium.
    I run 1x60l Evakool mostly and for longer stays I have a 40l Engel. So far never had any power issues. So cant see why your setup would not work.
    That's very re-assuring. Power has been a big issue for me for a long time, so this seems like the solution.
    I will definitely be tying down the battery by the way, that's already sorted.
    Thanks everyone for your generous help.
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