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    Unhappy Hiace 2014 Diesel won't start

    I have a 2014 refrigerated Hiace Diesel that was serviced on Thursday 5th October, nothing out of the ordinary standard service oil change and diesel fuel filter change, picked up the van and returned home 7km in total. Next morning 6th Oct I started the van and drove to work after around 3kms while driving at 60km the van switched off. I rolled to a stop and tried to start the van with no luck. The engine was turning but wouldn't start. The dash displayed a warning light that looks like the brake pedal and accelerator pedal is pressed at the same time. The van was towed to my mechanic and he is stumped as he has checked all fuses, the computer box seems ok as there is no visible signs of damage, corrosion or burnt smell, the G Scan code image is attached and the code says U0100 - Lost communication with ECM/PCM 'A' / Lost communication with EV ECU. The battery has drained as when he turns the ignition the fans come on full blast even when cold.
    Would appreciate any help.
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