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    Centre Differential Actuator Timing & Reassembly

    Hi Guys,
    I'm new to posting on the forum, I have a problem with a flashing centre diff lock light on a 2011 gx diesel.

    In analysing the problem, it appears someone has replaced the centre diff actuator with a second hand unit and has not set the timing correctly. I can see they have also removed the plastic cover on the back (to try to set the alignment timing). The unit is currently unlocked.
    Stupidly I opened the rear plastic cover of the actuator and the plastic gears fell out, 1 large, 1 medium and one small.

    I tried to reassembled these, checking the metal diff lock pin is in the unlocked position (fully in to the transfer case - towards the front of vehicle), carefully putting the large clock spring wheel in so that the teeth line up with diff lock pin and the other two plastic wheels. This all inter meshes with a blue plastic wheel with the timing mark (white) See pictures.

    What I cant figure out is how to set the timing correctly, and what the timing mark indicates, locked or unlocked.
    There is possibly a timing mark on the large clock spring wheel.
    What I can see, there is timing mark on on little plastic blue wheel.
    This blue wheel can also be seen by taking a small metal plate of the back of the actuator cover.

    Has anyone had experience advice in fitting the actuator back together without pulling off the whole unit or transfer case altogether.

    What I do know,
    - the actuator works as I can hear the motor going when car 1st starts.
    - The breather line is connected
    - The electrical switch connections is OK
    - The ABS system wires are OK to all four wheels.
    2017-12-04_Prado_150_Actuator_inside_Gears_together.jpg2017-12-04_Prado_150_Actuator_inside_BlueTiming MarkerWHeelr.jpg
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    Hopefully this thread will give you some clues
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    Thanks amts, I have been using that thread and the links in it, but got stuck with the re-installation of the plastic timing gears


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