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    Does any-one know how to replace the Centre Console Cool Box fan in Prado120?

    Toyota want to remove the entire centre console just to replace the $80.00 fan. This takes 4 to 5 hours and means disconnecting the gas lines, and re-gassing on re-assembly.

    There must be a smarter way. Even if a bit of plastic has to be cut!!



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    Interested to know also as i have the same problem, is the fan only 80 bucks?


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      $79.99 to be exact, p/n88550-60120 Motor Assy, Blo J702 (That was from Toyota Spares and a small discount on RRP)
      Originally posted by quadrio View Post
      Interested to know also as i have the same problem, is the fan only 80 bucks?


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        Im going to start pulling mine apart tomorrow will post up once i work out a better way


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          quadric, Did you have success getting the fan out? Paul


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            Im going to have to do the same thing I think.
            I haven't done a 120 before, but in previous instances cooler boxes are usually put in as a whole unit unfortunately.


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              Any joy fellas?
              I've been putting this one off awhile as I can't figure out how to separate the cooler box...


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                I replaced mine about four months ago. You reall need to take the entire console out in order to replace the fan. If you open up the console lid, you will notice there is a gasket. Peal the gasket off then you will see screws. You can peel if off carefully and reuse it if not you need to buy a new one. Once those screws are off, there is also screws on both right and left side of the console if you look at the rear AC controls.

                Once you have the console off, becareful with the AC pluming.


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                  Yes, fan replaced, but centre console needed to come out and A/C lines disconnected. As A/C had never been regassed, felt good idea. Done privately, 2.2 hours, less than half the time quoted by dealer.
                  All done just in time for summer.
                  Cheers Paul


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                    Can confirm a/c does not need to be touched, just finished putting mine in and left all a/c attached


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                      Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I've also read the same (in the service manual) regarding the need to disconnect & re-gas the AC in order to perform the park brake cable adjustment in my 150. Surely there's an easier/cheaper way for something that's a relatively common maintenance task?

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                        Am about to try and fix my fan anyone have any hints thanks


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                          I have the same problem, any input to fix will be great. Just been quoted 5K from local Toyota dealer for Prado 150...seems BS to me.