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    Good morning fellow 120ers.

    I am after some advice / direction on which to go with some rock sliders.

    My prado currently has a 2inch lift, 275/70/70. I was out some some 4x4ing the other night, and noticed on a couple of occasions my sills came close when doing some rock steps and climbs. I never worried about it in the past as my last cruiser has 4 inch lift and 35s so sill clearance wasn't an issue.

    Sliders instantly went up the priority list. I want to keep the prado for a long time, and now tax time has come i'm looking at buying some soon.

    Powerful 4x4 and iron man sliders are around a similar price. I have read mixed reviews about both. Has anyone had any experience with these? My next option is, getting custom made. I have seen southern cross fab have a special on currently, and i can a set delivered for around the 650 mark.

    If i do get custom made, am i better to have them angled with the sill, or a straight step?

    I have been stung in the past buying cheap gear, so i want to ensure whatever sliders i get go the distance. Any input would be appreciated, or if know any fabricators who make a good slider, i am all ears.

    Cheers guys

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    Search for AJ120 sliders on here ...I'm sure he'll be along soon enough if he still makes them


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      i have tjm side steps on my 120 prado wich has a 2" lift and they are very practical , the offer side protection but help access the vehichle , Click image for larger version

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          ARB has also finally started (about 6 months ago) doing sliders and brush bars for 120, but they are not cheap at around $1300 or so for the set (with brush bars). I will be going to the Mel 4x4 show next week, and see if I can get a discount on these. I have ARB bar.


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            I have the Powerful sliders => they work well for me, haven't even bent them......yet


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              Hi there, we have a prado 2003 petrol 120 gxl and looking for rck sliders that will suit ours. ARB don't do them so we've found out the hard way, another story. Any advice where to go, what people have used. We want to have fixing points for our hilift jack on these.


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                I went xrox. Come up looking a treat if your after sliders and not sidesteps?? Also add approved )