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Grande Radio/GPS in GXL

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  • Grande Radio/GPS in GXL

    Hi all
    does anyone know if itís possible to change the GXL radio to a grande sat nav / Audio system? is it the same wiring harness? is it interchangeable?

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    should mention i have a 2008 GXL


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      Not sure if all the wiring stuff is there (GPS antenna etc etc) but I'm betting no. You'd be far better off getting a modern aftermarket one anyway, or use your phone. I have my phone mounted on the dash with a magnetic wireless charger and use google maps for navigating and it works a treat. Old GPS hardware is fairly useless unless you can update the maps.


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        The GPS in the Grande isn't self-contained, the DVD box is mounted under the drivers seat and would also need to be installed in your GXL.
        The navigation solution I use is a cellular iPad mounted on a RAM mount from the floor, bolted to the passenger seat mount bolt. This way you can use Google as well as Hema etc.
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          cheers guys appreciate the input