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  • Toyota Sovereign Bullbar

    Has anyone else had issues with Toyota Alloy Sovereign Bullbar unbolting on gravel roads?
    I have had issues with the other side doing the same things several years ago.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Yes. they were a piece of crap. If you did a lot of dirt roads with them they fell apart and no amount of loctite would stop bits undoing. Plus they were a bugger to clean and keep clean.They also broke the main brackets and had to be recalled but the rest of the bar still fell to bits even after that.Worst of all was that you had to use about 4 different socket sizes to do them up. Frustrating.


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      I have had mine on the car with winch fitted from new, haven't had any problem with the bar and it has been over 70000Kms or so of extremely bad corrigations without damage. Bolts & nuts where done up to torque and never had one come loose.
      I still check them though after each trip as bad corrugations will eventual undo anything, I have had the securing nut on an autotune undo itself and that
      has a lock nut on it, they both unwound still locked together tightly!

      If your having these types of issue often I would be looking at the tire pressures your using on corrugated roads as I lot of these types of issues are a result of running to high a pressure.

      Just checked with mate who had 150000Km's of out back driving when he traded his up, he never laid a spanner on the bull bar mounts either, both bars though
      were fitted at the dealer originally, if you have a second hand unit I would be checking that the correct self locking nuts and new spring washers have been fitted.
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        Fitted by the dealer. 26-28psi on dirt. It was a piece of crap. I


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