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Safari Snorkel Install for 120 GXL Petrol

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  • Safari Snorkel Install for 120 GXL Petrol

    Greetings all,

    First time post here as I'm new to the Prado family and fairly new to the forum. Lots of plans for the rig!

    Anyway... I've purchased and received the Safari Snorkel kit. I have no problem doing the install as its a pretty simple job if you're handy with the tools.

    My question is:

    Is the Safari Snorkel Kit for the 120 meant to come with a Self Adhesive Foam Body Gasket? It doesn't say anything on the kit parts list so I'm gathering it doesn't come with one.

    The reason I question is that almost every video and DIY I've watched. And all of the research I've done, the vast majority of them have the foam gasket. Including the Safari Snorkel for the 150 prado.

    Do I need a foam gasket from a 3rd party?

    Does the plastic snorkel sit directly on the front guard?

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated... I haven't been able to find much.


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    Installed mine a couple of years back, it didn't have the foam gasket in the kit.
    98 GXL......
    My build up


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      Just spoke to Safari themselves. The foam gasket isn’t required for the 120. Thanks for the info haws667.


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