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Prado 120 rear power distribution panel

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  • Prado 120 rear power distribution panel

    Hi All,
    I thought I would finally make a contribution to this forum. This may or may not have been done before but in any case thought I would share this project. I had a mate create an alloy panel to fit in the rear of my 120 where the stock storage area cover would normally be. I sourced products (fuse box, switches and sockets) from various suppliers and had the various mounting holes laser cut to measurements. I removed the small shelf in this space and wired wired a Ctek BCDC charger to the spot where it once sat. This particular setup is for a second battery which is also in the rear cargo space that sits behind my drawers and fridge when they are required but would obviously suit a second battery that sits under the bonnet. Maybe some inspiration for anyone wanting a clean setup. I have 2 x USB, 1 x merit, Anderson for fridge and 2 x anderson plugs for charging/power purposes. There are also 3 push switches to power rear, interior and awning lights yet to be wired.

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    Looks very neat. Laser cut, powder coated aluminium?


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      Nice job.


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        Originally posted by GeeWhizz View Post
        Looks very neat. Laser cut, powder coated aluminium?


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          Good job. Looks very neat and well done


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            awesome work
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