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Door Trim Panel removal prado 120

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  • Door Trim Panel removal prado 120

    need help on how to remove this door trim I tried to get them out but look like they are hardly attached not like the dash with clips I don`t want to force to avoid damaging them

    Thanks for help

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    There’s a couple of decent Youtube videos on it. In particular a Russian one where a guy is removing everything piece by piece the correct way as to not break anything, to remove the door trim. Buy a car trim removal kit to do it (Ebay has them well priced). I had to remove my trim a week after buying my Grande in 2018 because the driver’s side mirror frame was damaged when I bought it. I had to take the trim off the door to unplug the wiring loom to the existing mirror, and plug in the new mirror. The plug was a fair way down inside the door panel. From memory to remove that particular insert, you have to first lever out the plastic insert behind the door handle, which then reveals a screw you need to remove to remove the door handle surround then you can lever out the insert in question, big end first.
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      Remove the complete panel from the door. there are two or three nuts on the back door trim panel. that's it

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