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Removing the roof rails

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    Hi Pradokit,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, sounds like you got the roof basket? Anyway pics would be nice :lol: :lol:

    Self confessed PP addict!! hmm.. now thats not a bad habit is it......


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      Rhino Rack on Prado rails

      Sorry for the delay Chippy. I've been away for a few days and then it took a while to get the photos organised. There are 13 photos at: ... 092745145/

      A little explanation to go with them. The first three photos show the first way I attached the rack. The side rails of the rack were mounted on top of the Prado rails - with a strip of rubber in between. This gave a maximum height of about 2020mm and it was quite secure.

      I didn't like the fact that the longitudinal planks of the rack were only supported at each end of the rack. I had previously bought a set of Prorack cross rails ($265 from Super Cheap Autos) which fitted flush between the Prado rails, the original idea being to mount the rack on these, but they were not flat - they bowed up in the centre by about 20mm and the clamps on to the Prado rails were about 5 mm above the Prado rails - this made mounting the rack on these rails a little awkward.

      However, as stated above, I was not happy with lack of support of the rack planks, so it was back to the cross rails. I put them on and tried mounting the rack with the full length strip of rubber on each side. (The first bit of rubber strip used was an insert from heavy duty roof racks). It was not entirely satisfactory as the rubber rose over the cross rail mountings and the rack didn't sit well - I padded it each end with extra rubber strips, but it became messy. Also when I shut any dor, some of the planks rattled against the cross rails as the outside planks were a couple of mm above the rails when there was no load on them.

      Final attempt as shown in photos 4 to 12 seems to be the best. I fitted the cross rails, then added a strip of neoprene strip (3mm thick) with an adhesive back that I obtained from Clark Rubber (2 metres at $5.50/m). I then used 4 short lengths (160mm) of rubber strip (12.5mm x 25mm) doubled over to lift the rack above the cross rail mounts but still allow the planks of the rack to be on or very close to the cross rails. The rubber strip was from Clark Rubber, it cost $9.95/m.

      I used 4 U bolts($3.91 each) to hold the rack onto the Prado rails. I faced the U bolts down after the first attempt. This made the nuts more difficult to do up, particularly the Nyloc lock nuts. If the U bolts face up, they potentially could rub against the Rhino Bag I use on top.

      The height of the final setup is 2000mm on the left and 2030mm on the right. I presume the difference was due to the fact that I had 180 litres of fuel on baord. Anyhow I can still get into my car park at work!

      The Prorack cross rails are rated 60kg, the Prado longitudinal rails are rated to 100kg. I figure by sharing the load over the Prado rails and the Prorack cross rails I could safely put 100kgs on the rack. - time will tell!


      Prado 150 GXL Auto Diesel, Toyota tow bar, rubber mats. RedArc remote head brake controller behind screen. Rhino Rack with Rhino bag, TJM colour coded steel Bull Bar, TJM Sump and transmission bash plates, Airtech snorkel, IPF 2xHID Spot and 2xHID Fog. Home built aluminium framed drawer system, 12 pin plug to van, High current wiring to cargo area, 7.5inch screen for 5 rear vision cameras (4 in van).


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