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Leak into cargo area, possibly from roof rails.

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  • Leak into cargo area, possibly from roof rails.

    I had the 120 parked out during a fair shower, next morning I notice a wet cargo liner and carpet underneath. I opened up jack compartment and jack had condensation on it so left everything open to dry. There is absolutely no evidence of where it could have come from so I an thinking from the roof rails?

    Any suggestions? And if roof rails ha ow do I take off. Haynes guide does not cover.


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    Not sure how your rails come off, but the 2 bolts that hold the brackets to the roof are well known to leak. Had to do mine when I found the seatbelt wet after a bit of rain and also carpet it rear seat footwell. Remove bolts, clean area and refit with a bit of neutral cure silicon under the heads of the bolts.
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      I've had some issues with the bolts as well - one of the rusted in was a PITA to free up
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        Defiantly your roof rails. When I put on the roof rack I didn't seal it well enough and had the same problem.

        To remove them you have to remove the clip on covers. Its a delicate operation and you will probably break some of the clips. There was a thread floating around about it about 2 years go. Try and give the search a go.
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